Dr Jamie Johnston

Ph.D. Neuroscience
UAF in Neuroscience
School of Biomedical Sciences

Background: 2014-2016 Senior Research Fellow, University of Sussex, U.K. 2010-2013 Postdoctoral Fellow, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology Cambridge, U.K. 2007-2010 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Victoria, Canada. 2003-2007 Ph.D. Neuroscience, University of Leicester, U.K. 1999-2003 B.Sc. Pharmacology, University of Edinburgh. U.K.

Contact: Garstang 5.53F, +44(0) 113 34 30105, email address for  

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Research Interests

Computations in Neural Circuits

We are interested in how the external world is represented by the brain. To address this question we focus on how sensory information is transformed by neural circuits in the early sensory pathways. What computations do these circuits perform and how they are implemented by the neural hardware? 

We use a range of cutting edge techniques to explore how neural circuits operate, including: electrophysiology, 2-photon imaging, computational modelling and optogenetics. See my lab page for more details 


Faculty Research and Innovation

Modules taught

BMSC1213 - Basic Laboratory and Scientific Skills 2
BMSC2118/2123 - Neurobiology and Sensorty and Motor Neuroscience
BMSC2120 - Scientific Skills
BMSC3126 - Integrative Biomedical Sciences
BMSC3301 - Research Project in Biomedical Sciences
BMSC5301M - Advanced Research Topics
MEDI2201 - Control and Movement


Cédric Stefens (Primary supervisor) 90% FTE
Wafa Aladadi (Co-supervisor) 30% FTE

Picao-Osorio J, Johnston J, Landgraf M, Berni J, Alonso CR MicroRNA-encoded behavior in Drosophila Science 350 815-820, 2015
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Johnston J, Lagnado L General features ofthe retinal connectome determine the computation of motion anticipation eLife 2015, 2015
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Johnston J, Ding H, Seibel SH, Esposti F, Lagnado L Rapid mapping of visual receptive fields by filtered back projection: Application to multi-neuronal electrophysiology and imaging Journal of Physiology 592 4839-4854, 2014
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Fekete A, Johnston J, Delaney KR Presynaptic T-type Ca<sup>2+</sup>channels modulate dendrodendritic mitral-mitral and mitral-periglomerular connections in mouse olfactory bulb Journal of Neuroscience 34 14032-14045, 2014
View abstract

Esposti F, Johnston J, Rosa JM, Leung KM, Lagnado L Olfactory Stimulation Selectively Modulates the OFF Pathway in the Retina of Zebrafish Neuron 79 97-110, 2013
View abstract

Johnston J, Delaney KR Synaptic activation of T-Type Ca<sup>2+</sup>channels via mGluR activation in the primary dendrite of mitral cells Journal of Neurophysiology 103 2557-2569, 2010
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Johnston J, Griffin SJ, Baker C, Skrzypiec A, Chernova T, Forsythe ID Initial segment Kv2.2 channels mediate a slow delayed rectifier and maintain high frequency action potential firing in medial nucleus of the trapezoid body neurons Journal of Physiology 586 3493-3509, 2008
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Johnston J, Lagnado L What the Fish's Eye Tells the Fish's Brain NEURON 76 257-259, 2012

Johnston J, Esposti F, Lagnado L Color vision: retinal blues. Current biology : CB 22 R637-R639, 2012
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