Dr Matthew Iadanza

Research Fellow
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Contact: Astbury 8.104, +44(0) 113 34 34370, email address for  

Scarff CA, Fuller MJG, Thompson RF, Iadaza MG Variations on negative stain electron microscopy methods: Tools for tackling challenging systems Journal of Visualized Experiments 2018, 2018
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Higgins AJ, Iadanza MG, Schiffrin B, Calabrese AN, Humes JR, Brockwell DJ, Ashcroft AE, Ranson NA, Radford SE Lateral opening in the intact beta-barrel assembly machinery captured by cryo-EM, 2017

Dobson CL, Devine PWA, Phillips JJ, Higazi DR, Lloyd C, Popovic B, Arnold J, Buchanan A, Lewis A, Goodman J, Van Der Walle CF, Thornton P, Vinall L, Lowne D, Aagaard A, Olsson LL, Wollberg AR, Welsh F, Karamanos TK, Pashley CL, Iadanza MG, Ranson NA, Ashcroft AE, Kippen AD, Vaughan TJ, Radford SE, Lowe DC Engineering the surface properties of a human monoclonal antibody prevents self-association and rapid clearance in vivo Scientific Reports 6, 2016
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Iadanza MG, Higgins AJ, Schiffrin B, Calabrese AN, Brockwell DJ, Ashcroft AE, Radford SE, Ranson NA Lateral opening in the intactβ-barrel assembly machinery captured by cryo-EM Nature Communications 7, 2016
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Rawson S, Iadanza MG, Ranson NA, Muench SP Erratum: Corrigendum to‘Methods to account for movement and flexibility in cryo-EM data processing’ [Methods (2016) 100 (35–41)] Methods 104 207-, 2016
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Rawson S, Iadanza MG, Ranson NA, Muench SP Methods to account for movement and flexibility in cryo-EM data processing Methods 100 35-41, 2016
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Iadanza MG, Jackson MP, Radford SE, Ranson NA MpUL-multi: Software for Calculation of Amyloid Fibril Mass per Unit Length from TB-TEM Images Scientific Reports 6, 2016
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Tipping KW, Karamanos TK, Jakhria T, Iadanza MG, Goodchild SC, Tuma R, Ranson NA, Hewitt EW, Radford SE pH-induced molecular shedding drives the formation of amyloid fibril-derived oligomers Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 112 E5691-E5696, 2015
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Wisedchaisri G, Park M-S, Iadanza MG, Zheng H, Gonen T Proton-coupled sugar transport in the prototypical major facilitator superfamily protein XylE. Nat Commun 5 4521-, 2014
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Iadanza MG, Gonen T A suite of software for processing MicroED data of extremely small protein crystals. J Appl Crystallogr 47 1140-1145, 2014
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Shi D, Nannenga BL, Iadanza MG, Gonen T Three-dimensional electron crystallography of protein microcrystals. Elife 2 e01345-, 2013
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Nannenga BL, Iadanza MG, Vollmar BS, Gonen T Overview of electron crystallography of membrane proteins: Crystallization and screening strategies using negative stain electron microscopy Current Protocols in Protein Science, 2013
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Gonen S, Akiyoshi B, Iadanza MG, Shi D, Duggan N, Biggens S, Gonen T The structure of purified kinetochores reveals multiple microtubule attachment sites Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 19 925-929, 2012
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