Dr Glyn Hemsworth

School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Background: Postdoctoral work at the York Structural Biology Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, University of York. Appointed University Academic Fellow in Structural Molecular Biology and BBSRC David Phillips Fellow in 2016.

Contact: Astbury 10.107, +44(0) 113 3434349, email address for  

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Faculty Research and Innovation

Modules taught

BIOC1301 - Introductory Integrated Biochemistry: the Molecules and Processes of Life
BIOC3111/12 A - ATU - Enzymes for Biofuels
BIOC3160 - Laboratory/Literature/Computing Research Project
BIOC3303 - Advanced Biochemistry: Skills
BIOL3306 - Biological Sciences Research Project
BIOL3397 - Biotechnology Research Project

Dr Badri Rajagopal  (Research Fellow)


Jessie Branch (Primary supervisor) 50% FTE

Sabbadin F, Hemsworth GR, Ciano L, Henrissat B, Dupree P, Tryfona T, Marques RDS, Sweeney ST, Besser K, Elias L, Pesante G, Li Y, Dowle AA, Bates R, Gomez LD, Simister R, Davies GJ, Walton PH, Bruce NC, McQueen-Mason SJ An ancient family of lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases with roles in arthropod development and biomass digestion Nature Communications 9, 2018
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Tamura K, Hemsworth GR, Déjean G, Rogers TE, Pudlo NA, Urs K, Jain N, Davies GJ, Martens EC, Brumer H Molecular Mechanism by which Prominent Human Gut Bacteroidetes Utilize Mixed-Linkage Beta-Glucans, Major Health-Promoting Cereal Polysaccharides Cell Reports 21 2030-2030, 2017
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Tamura K, Hemsworth GR, Déjean G, Rogers TE, Pudlo NA, Urs K, Jain N, Davies GJ, Martens EC, Brumer H Molecular Mechanism by which Prominent Human Gut Bacteroidetes Utilize Mixed-Linkage Beta-Glucans, Major Health-Promoting Cereal Polysaccharides Cell Reports 21 417-430, 2017
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Roth C, Chan S, Offen WA, Hemsworth GR, Willems LI, King DT, Varghese V, Britton R, Vocadlo DJ, Davies GJ Structural and functional insight into human O-GlcNAcase. Nature Chemical Biology 13 610-612, 2017
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Hemsworth GR, Thompson AJ, Stepper J, SobalaŁF, Coyle T, Larsbrink J, Spadiut O, Goddard-Borger ED, Stubbs KA, Brumer H, Davies GJ Structural dissection of a complex Bacteroides ovatus gene locus conferring xyloglucan metabolism in the human gut. Open Biol 6, 2016
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Chaplin AK, Wilson MT, Hough MA, Svistunenko DA, Hemsworth GR, Walton PH, Vijgenboom E, Worrall JAR Heterogeneity in the histidine-brace copper coordination sphere in auxiliary activity family 10 (AA10) lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases Journal of Biological Chemistry 291 12838-12850, 2016
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Frandsen KEH, Simmons TJ, Dupree P, Poulsen JCN, Hemsworth GR, Ciano L, Johnston EM, Tovborg M, Johansen KS, Von Freiesleben P, Marmuse L, Fort S, Cottaz S, Driguez H, Henrissat B, Lenfant N, Tuna F, Baldansuren A, Davies GJ, Lo Leggio L, Walton PH The molecular basis of polysaccharide cleavage by lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases Nature Chemical Biology 12 298-303, 2016
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Hemsworth GR, Déjean G, Davies GJ, Brumer H Learning from microbial strategies for polysaccharide degradation Biochemical Society Transactions 44 94-108, 2016
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Gregory RC, Hemsworth GR, Turkenburg JP, Hart SJ, Walton PH, Davies GJ Activity, stability and 3-D structure of the Cu(II) form of a chitin-active lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase from: Bacillus amyloliquefaciens Dalton Transactions 45 16904-16912, 2016
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Lo Leggio L, Simmons TJ, Poulsen J-CN, Frandsen KEH, Hemsworth GR, Stringer MA, Von Freiesleben P, Tovborg M, Johansen KS, De Maria L, Harris PV, Soong C-L, Dupree P, Tryfona T, Lenfant N, Henrissat B, Davies GJ, Walton PH Structure and boosting activity of a starch-degrading lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase Nature Communications 6, 2015
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Hemsworth GR, Johnston EM, Davies GJ, Walton PH Lytic Polysaccharide Monooxygenases in Biomass Conversion Trends in Biotechnology 33 747-761, 2015
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Kjaergaard CH, Qayyum MF, Wong SD, Xu F, Hemsworth GR, Walton DJ, Young NA, Davies GJ, Walton PH, Johansen KS, Hodgson KO, Hedman B, Solomon EI Spectroscopic and computational insight into the activation of O₂ by the mononuclear Cu center in polysaccharide monooxygenases Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 8797-8802, 2014
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Larsbrink J, Rogers TE, Hemsworth GR, McKee LS, Tauzin AS, Spadiut O, Klinter S, Pudlo NA, Urs K, Koropatkin NM, Creagh AL, Haynes CA, Kelly AG, Cederholm SN, Davies GJ, Martens EC, Brumer H A discrete genetic locus confers xyloglucan metabolism in select human gut Bacteroidetes Nature 506 498-502, 2014
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Hemsworth GR, Henrissat B, Davies GJ, Walton PH Discovery and characterization of a new family of lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases Nature Chemical Biology 10 122-126, 2014
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Hemsworth GR, González-Pacanowska D, Wilson KS On the catalytic mechanism of dimeric dUTPases Biochemical Journal 456 81-88, 2013
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Hemsworth GR, Davies GJ, Walton PH Recent insights into copper-containing lytic polysaccharide mono-oxygenases Current Opinion in Structural Biology 23 660-668, 2013
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Anstey-Gilbert CS, Hemsworth GR, Flemming CS, Hodskinson MRG, Zhang J, Sedelnikova SE, Stillman TJ, Sayers JR, Artymiuk PJ The structure of Escherichia coli ExoIX—implications for DNA binding and catalysis in flap endonucleases Nucleic Acids Research 41 8357-8367, 2013
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Hemsworth GR, Taylor EJ, Kim RQ, Gregory RC, Lewis SJ, Turkenburg JP, Parkin A, Davies GJ, Walton PH The copper active site of CBM33 polysaccharide oxygenases Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 6069-6077, 2013
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Hemsworth GR, Price HP, Smith DF, Wilson KS Crystal structure of the small GTPase Arl6/BBS3 from Trypanosoma brucei Protein Science 22 196-203, 2013
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Larsbrink J, Izumi A, Hemsworth GR, Davies GJ, Brumer H Structural Enzymology of Cellvibrio japonicus Agd31B Protein Revealsα-Transglucosylase Activity in Glycoside Hydrolase Family 31 Journal of Biological Chemistry 287 43288-43299, 2012
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Carpenter B, Hemsworth GR, Wu Z, Maamra M, Strasburger CJ, Ross RJ, Artymiuk PJ Structure of the human obesity receptor leptin-binding domain reveals the mechanism of leptin antagonism by a monoclonal antibody Structure 20 487-497, 2012
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Hemsworth GR, Moroz OV, Fogg MJ, Scott B, Bosch-Navarrete C, González-Pacanowska D, Wilson KS The Crystal Structure of the Leishmania major Deoxyuridine Triphosphate Nucleotidohydrolase in Complex with Nucleotide Analogues, dUMP, and Deoxyuridine Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 16470-16481, 2011
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