Dr Elisabetta Groppelli

Research Fellow
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Contact: Garstang 8.60, +44(0) 113 34 35614, email address for  

Research Interests

Non-enveloped RNA viruses: escaping the endosome to initiate infection

Groppelli E, Levy HC, Sun E, Strauss M, Nicol C, Gold S, Zhuang X, Tuthill TJ, Hogle JM, Rowlands DJ Picornavirus RNA is protected from cleavage by ribonuclease during virion uncoating and transfer across cellular and model membranes PLoS Pathogens 13, 2017
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Arias A, Watson SJ, Asogun D, Tobin EA, Lu J, Phan MVT, Jah U, Wadoum REG, Meredith L, Thorne L, Caddy S, Tarawalie A, Langat P, Dudas G, Faria NR, Dellicour S, Kamara A, Kargbo B, Kamara BO, Gevao S, Cooper D, Newport M, Horby P, Dunning J, Sahr F, Brooks T, Simpson AJH, Groppelli E, Liu G, Mulakken N, Rhodes K, Akpablie J, Yoti Z, Lamunu M, Vitto E, Otim P, Owilli C, Boateng I, Okoror L, Omomoh E, Oyakhilome J, Omiunu R, Yemisis I, Adomeh D, Ehikhiametalor S, Akhilomen P, Aire C, Kurth A, Cook N, Baumann J, Gabriel M, Wölfel R, Di Caro A, Carroll MW, Günther S, Redd J, Naidoo D, Pybus OG, Rambaut A, Kellam P, Goodfellow I, Cotten M Rapid outbreak sequencing of Ebola virus in Sierra Leone identifies transmission chains linked to sporadic cases Virus Evolution 2, 2016
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Semper A, Broadhurst MJ, Richards J, Foster GM, Simpson A, Groppelli E, Johnson J, Kelly JD, Brooks T, Logue CH, Miller A, Murray M, Pollock NR Field Laboratory Evaluation of the GeneXpert Ebola Assay for Diagnosis of Ebola Virus Disease in Sierra Leone. Open forum infectious diseases 2, 2015

Broadhurst MJ, Kelly JD, Miller A, Semper A, Bailey D, Groppelli E, Simpson A, Brooks T, Hula S, Nyoni W, Sankoh AB, Kanu S, Jalloh A, Ton Q, Sarchet N, George P, Perkins MD, Wonderly B, Murray M, Pollock NR ReEBOV Antigen Rapid Test kit for point-of-care and laboratory-based testing for Ebola virus disease: a field validation study. Lancet (London, England) 386 867-874, 2015
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Zhang C, Zhou S, Groppelli E, Pellegrino P, Williams I, Borrow P, Chain BM, Jolly C Hybrid spreading mechanisms and T cell activation shape the dynamics of HIV-1 infection. PLoS computational biology 11 e1004179-, 2015
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Groppelli E, Starling S, Jolly C Contact-induced mitochondrial polarization supports HIV-1 virological synapse formation. Journal of virology 89 14-24, 2015
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McCoy LE, Groppelli E, Blanchetot C, de Haard H, Verrips T, Rutten L, Weiss RA, Jolly C Neutralisation of HIV-1 cell-cell spread by human and llama antibodies. Retrovirology 11 83-, 2014
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Groppelli E, Len AC, Granger LA, Jolly C Retromer regulates HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein trafficking and incorporation into virions. PLoS pathogens 10 e1004518-, 2014
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Bakker SE, Groppelli E, Pearson AR, Stockley PG, Rowlands DJ, Ranson NA Limits of structural plasticity in a picornavirus capsid revealed by a massively expanded equine rhinitis A virus particle Journal of Virology 88 6093-6099, 2014
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Wei B, Han L, Abbink TEM, Groppelli E, Lim D, Thaker YR, Gao W, Zhai R, Wang J, Lever A, Jolly C, Wang H, Rudd CE Immune adaptor ADAP in T cells regulates HIV-1 transcription and cell-cell viral spread via different co-receptors Retrovirology 10, 2013
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Starling S, Groppelli E, Len A, Jolly C Investigating contact-induced T cell polarisation at virological synapses. Retrovirology 10 P86-P86, 2013

Groppelli E, Starling S, Jolly C Contact-induced polarization shapes HIV-1 infected T cells for efficient HIV-1 dissemination at the virological synapse. Retrovirology 10 P38-P38, 2013

Tuthill TJ, Groppelli E, Hogle JM, Rowlands DJ Picornaviruses Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology 343 43-89, 2010
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Groppelli E, Tuthill TJ, Rowlands DJ Cell entry of the aphthovirus equine rhinitis A virus is dependent on endosome acidification Journal of Virology 84 6235-6240, 2010
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Roberts LO, Groppelli E An atypical IRES within the 5′ UTR of a dicistrovirus genome Virus Research 139 157-165, 2009
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Tuthill TJ, Harlos K, Walter TS, Knowles NJ, Groppelli E, Rowlands DJ, Stuart DI, Fry EE Equine rhinitis A virus and its low pH empty particle: clues towards an aphthovirus entry mechanism? PLoS pathogens 5, 2009
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Bakhshesh M, Groppelli E, Willcocks MM, Royall E, Belsham GJ, Roberts LO The picornavirus avian encephalomyelitis virus possesses a hepatitis C virus-like internal ribosome entry site element Journal of Virology 82 1993-2003, 2008
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Groppelli E, Belsham GJ, Roberts LO Identification of minimal sequences of the Rhopalosiphum padi virus 5′ untranslated region required for internal initiation of protein synthesis in mammalian, plant and insect translation systems Journal of General Virology 88 1583-1588, 2007
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