Mr Keith Grehan

Research Fellow
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

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Alharbi NK, Padron-Regalado E, Thompson CP, Kupke A, Wells D, Sloan MA, Grehan K, Temperton N, Lambe T, Warimwe G, Becker S, Hill AVS, Gilbert SC ChAdOx1 and MVA based vaccine candidates against MERS-CoV elicit neutralising antibodies and cellular immune responses in mice Vaccine 35 3780-3788, 2017
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King B, Temperton NJ, Grehan K, Scott SD, Wright E, Tarr AW, Daly JM Technical considerations for the generation of novel pseudotyped viruses Future Virology 11 47-59, 2016
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Carnell GW, Ferrara F, Grehan K, Thompson CP, Temperton NJ Pseudotype-based neutralization assays for influenza: A systematic analysis Frontiers in Immunology 6, 2015
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Grehan K, Ferrara F, Temperton N An optimised method for the production of MERS-CoV spike expressing viral pseudotypes MethodsX 2 379-384, 2015
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