Dr Mary Friel

Research Fellow
School of Biology

Contact: Manton 8.21, email address for  

Asher L, Friel M, Griffin K, Collins LM Mood and personality interact to determine cognitive biases in pigs Biology letters 12, 2016
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Friel M, Kunc HP, Griffin K, Asher L, Collins LM Acoustic signalling reflects personality in a social mammal Royal Society Open Science 3, 2016
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Lambton SL, Nicol CJ, Friel M, Main DCJ, McKinstry JL, Sherwin CM, Walton J, Weeks CA A bespoke management package can reduce levels of injurious pecking in loose-housed laying hen flocks VETERINARY RECORD 172 423-+, 2013

Held SDE, Byrne RW, Jones S, Murphy E, Friel M, Mendl MT Domestic pigs, Sus scrofa, adjust their foraging behaviour to whom they are foraging with ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR 79 857-862, 2010