Dr Jennifer Edwards

Research Fellow
School of Biomedical Sciences

Contact: Garstang 6.56a, +44(0) 113 34 35651, email address for  

Edwards JH, Herbert A, Jones GL, Manfield IW, Fisher J, Ingham E The effects of irradiation on the biological and biomechanical properties of an acellular porcine superflexor tendon graft for cruciate ligament repair Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part B Applied Biomaterials 105 2477-2486, 2017
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Herbert A, Edwards JH, Jones GL, Ingham E, Fisher J The effects of irradiation dose and storage time following treatment on the viscoelastic properties of decellularised porcine super flexor tendon Journal of Biomechanics 57 157-160, 2017
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Jones G, Herbert A, Berry H, Edwards JH, Fisher J, Ingham E Decellularization and characterization of porcine superflexor tendon: A potential anterior cruciate ligament replacement Tissue Engineering - Part A 23 124-134, 2017
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Ingham E, Jones G, Herbert A, Berry H, Edwards J, Fisher J Decellularisation and characterisation of porcine superflexor tendon: a potential anterior cruciate ligament replacement, 2016

Delaine-Smith RM, Javaheri B, Edwards JH, Vazquez M, Rumney RMH Preclinical models for in vitro mechanical loading of bone-derived cells BONEKEY REPORTS 4, 2015

Edwards JH, Reilly GC Vibration stimuli and the differentiation of musculoskeletal progenitor cells: Review of results in vitro and in vivo. World journal of stem cells 7 568-582, 2015
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Edwards J, Herbert A, Manfield I, Fisher J, Ingham E Irradiation of acellular porcine superflexor tendons. [DATASET], 2015

Sittichokechaiwut A, Edwards JH, Scutt AM, Reilly GC Short bouts of mechanical loading are as effective as dexamethasone at inducing matrix production by human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell. Eur Cell Mater 20 45-57, 2010
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