Dr Ioannis Delis

Lecturer in Motor Control
School of Biomedical Sciences

Background: MEng in Electrical & Computer Engineering (2001-2006; University of Patras - Greece), MSc in Electrical & Computer Engineering (2007-2009; University of Minnesota - USA), PhD in Computational Neuroscience (2010-2013; Italian Institute of Technology - Italy), Postdoctoral research (2013-2015; University of Glasgow - UK & 2016-2017; Columbia University - USA), Lecturer in Motor Control (2018-present; University of Leeds).

Contact: Garstang 6.41b, +44(0) 113 34 33075, email address for  

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Research Interests

Computational Neuroscience, Motor Control, Neuroimaging, Brain/Body Machine Interface

We do research in Computational Neuroscience with a special focus on Motor Control, Decision Making, Multi-sensory Integration & Sensory-Motor Coupling. In particular, we use computational methods from Machine Learning (Dimensionality Reduction, Classification, Regression etc), Signal Processing and Information Theory to analyse and model high-dimensional neural, biomedical and behavioural signals.


Group Leader Dr Ioannis Delis  (Lecturer in Motor Control)

Computational Neuroscience, Motor Control, Neuroimaging, Brain/Body Machine Interface 

Delis I, Dmochowski JP, Sajda P, Wang Q Correlation of neural activity with behavioral kinematics reveals distinct sensory encoding and evidence accumulation processes during active tactile sensing NeuroImage 175 12-21, 2018
View abstract

Delis I, Hilt PM, Pozzo T, Panzeri S, Berret B Deciphering the functional role of spatial and temporal muscle synergies in whole-body movements. Scientific reports 8 8391-, 2018
View abstract

Hilt PM, Delis I, Pozzo T, Berret B Space-by-Time Modular Decomposition Effectively Describes Whole-Body Muscle Activity During Upright Reaching in Various Directions FRONTIERS IN COMPUTATIONAL NEUROSCIENCE 12, 2018

Berret B, Delis I, Gaveau J, Jean F Optimality and modularity in human movement: from optimal control to muscle synergies In Biomechanics of Anthropomorphic Systems., 2018

Delis I, Onken A, Panzeri S Space-by-time tensor decomposition for single-trial analysis of neural signals In Springer INdAM Series, 2017
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Semprini M, Cuppone AV, Delis I, Squeri V, Panzeri S, Konczak J Biofeedback Signals for Robotic Rehabilitation: Assessment of Wrist Muscle Activation Patterns in Healthy Humans IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering 25 883-892, 2016

Onken A, Liu JK, Karunasekara PPCR, Delis I, Gollisch T, Panzeri S Using Matrix and Tensor Factorizations for the Single-Trial Analysis of Population Spike Trains PLOS Computational Biology 12 e1005189-e1005189, 2016
View abstract

Delis I, Chen C, Jack RE, Garrod OGB, Panzeri S, Schyns PG Space-by-time manifold representation of dynamic facial expressions for emotion categorization Journal of Vision 16 14-14, 2016
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Delis I, Onken A, Schyns G, Panzeri S, Philiastides MG Space-by-time decomposition for single-trial decoding of M/EEG activity NeuroImage 133 504-515, 2016
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Delis I, Chiovetto E, Berret B On the Origins of Modularity in Motor Control Journal of Neuroscience 30 7451-7452, 2010