Prof Lisa Collins

MA(Oxon) Biological Sciences, DPhil Zoology
Professor in Animal Science
School of Biology

Contact: Manton 8.01, +44(0) 113-34-35940, email address for  

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Research Interests

Animal health and welfare epidemiology

Modules taught

BLGY1303 - Tutorials for Biology and Genetics
BLGY3345 - Biology Integrated Research Projects


Emily Bushby (Primary supervisor) 34% FTE
Annika Simpson (Primary supervisor) 50% FTE
Lauren Smith (Primary supervisor) 50% FTE

Carroll GA, Boyle LA, Hanlon A, Collins L, Griffin K, Friel M, Armstrong D, O'Connell NE What can carcass-based assessments tell us about the lifetime welfare status of pigs? Livestock Science 214 98-105, 2018

Anderson KL, O'Neill DG, Brodbelt DC, Church DB, Meeson RL, Sargan D, Summers JF, Zulch H, Collins LM Prevalence, duration and risk factors for appendicular osteoarthritis in a UK dog population under primary veterinary care. Scientific reports 8 5641-5641, 2018
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Carroll GA, Boyle LA, Hanlon A, Palmer MA, Collins L, Griffin K, Armstrong D, O'Connell NE Identifying physiological measures of lifetime welfare status in pigs: exploring the usefulness of haptoglobin, C- reactive protein and hair cortisol sampled at the time of slaughter Irish Veterinary Journal 71, 2018
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Stevens KN, Asher L, Griffin K, Friel M, O'Connell N, Collins LM A comparison of inferential analysis methods for multilevel studies: Implications for drawing conclusions in animal welfare science Applied Animal Behaviour Science 197 101-111, 2017
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Reaney SJ, Zulch H, Mills D, Gardner S, Collins L Emotional affect and the occurrence of owner reported health problems in the domestic dog Applied Animal Behaviour Science 196 76-83, 2017
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McKillen J, Hogg K, Lagan P, Ball C, Doherty S, Reid N, Collins L, Dick JTA Detection of a novel gammaherpesvirus (genus Rhadinovirus) in wild muntjac deer in Northern Ireland Archives of Virology 162 1737-1740, 2017
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Asher L, Friel M, Griffin K, Collins LM Mood and personality interact to determine cognitive biases in pigs Biology letters 12, 2016
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Part CE, Edwards P, Hajat S, Collins LM Prevalence rates of health and welfare conditions in broiler chickens change with weather in a temperate climate Royal Society Open Science 3, 2016
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Ijichi C, Collins LM, Elwood RW Pain expression is linked to personality in horses Applied Animal Behaviour Science 152 38-43, 2014
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Kiddie JL, Collins LM Development and validation of a quality of life assessment tool for use in kennelled dogs (Canis familiaris) Applied Animal Behaviour Science 158 57-68, 2014
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Ijichi C, Collins LM, Creighton E, Elwood RW Harnessing the power of personality assessment: Subjective assessment predicts behaviour in horses Behavioural Processes 96 47-52, 2013
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Collins LM, Part CE Modelling farm animal welfare Animals 3 416-441, 2013
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Asher L, Collins LM Assessing synchrony in groups: Are you measuring what you think you are measuring? Applied Animal Behaviour Science 138 162-169, 2012
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Collins LM Welfare risk assessment: The benefits and common pitfalls Animal Welfare 21 73-79, 2012
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