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BMSC5301M - Advanced Research Topics

Dr Kathleen Wright  (Senior Scientific Officer in Cardiovascular Science)

Supporting laboratory research development, training and management in the department of Cardiovascular Sciences 

Colman MA, Ni H, Liang B, Schmitt N, Zhang H In silico assessment of genetic variation in KCNA5 reveals multiple mechanisms of human atrial arrhythmogenesis PLoS Computational Biology 13 -, 2017
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Alday EAP, Colman MA, Langley P, Zhang H Novel non-invasive algorithm to identify the origins of re-entry and ectopic foci in the atria from 64-lead ECGs: A computational study. PLoS Computational Biology 13 -, 2017
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Alday EAP, Colman MA, Zhang H Reconstruction of atrial ectopic focal and Re-entrant excitations from body surface potentials. Insights from 3D virtual human atria and torso, 2017
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Jones GM, Zhang H, Colman MA The effect of bioenergetic impairment of cytosolic processes in spatio-temporal Ca²⁺ dynamics in a three-dimensional cardiomyocyte model, 2017
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Colman MA, Sarathy PP, MacQuiaide N, Workman AJ A new model of the human atrial myocyte with variable T-tubule organization for the study of atrial fibrillation, 2017
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Varela M, Colman MA, Hancox JC, Aslanidi OV Atrial Heterogeneity Generates Re-entrant Substrate during Atrial Fibrillation and Anti-arrhythmic Drug Action: Mechanistic Insights from Canine Atrial Models PLoS Computational Biology 12 -, 2016

Morgan R, Colman MA, Chubb H, Seemann G, Aslanidi OV Slow conduction in the border zones of patchy fibrosis stabilizes the drivers for atrial fibrillation: Insights from multi-scale human atrial modeling Frontiers in Physiology 7 -, 2016

Perez Alday EA, Ni H, Zhang C, Colman MA, Gan Z, Zhang H Comparison of electric- and magnetic-cardiograms produced by myocardial ischemia in models of the human ventricle and torso PLoS ONE 11 -, 2016

Whittaker DG, Colman MA, Ni H, Hancox JC, Zhang H In silico investigation of short QT syndrome-linked potassium channel mutations on electro-mechanical function of human atrial cells, 2015

Perez Alday EA, Zhang C, Colman MA, Ni H, Gan Z, Zhang H Comparison of electric- and magnetic- cardiograms produced by myocardial ischemia in models of the human ventricle and torso, 2015

Kottas P, Colman MA, Stephenson RS, Castro SJ, Hart G, Jarvis JC, Boyett M, Zhang H Effects of cardiac structural remodelling during heart failure on cardiac excitation - Insights from a heterogeneous 3D model of the rabbit atria, 2015

Colman MA, Parra-Rojas C, Perez-Alday EA From microscopic calcium sparks to the ECG: Model reduction approaches for multi-scale cardiac simulation, 2015

Jones GM, Colman MA, Zhang H Quantification of the effects of electrical remodeling due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy on human ventricular electromechanical activity and energetics, 2015

Alday EAP, Colman MA, Langley P, Butters TD, Higham J, Workman AJ, Hancox JC, Zhang H A New Algorithm to Diagnose Atrial Ectopic Origin from Multi Lead ECG Systems - Insights from 3D Virtual Human Atria and Torso PLoS Computational Biology 11 -, 2015

Colman MA, Varela M, Hancox JC, Zhang H, Aslanidi OV Evolution and pharmacological modulation of the arrhythmogenic wave dynamics in canine pulmonary vein model Europace 16 416-423, 2014

Colman MA, Kharche S, Zhang H Loss of transverse-tubules promotes the development of ectopic activity in guinea-pig ventricle, 2014

Ni H, Colman MA, Zhang H Modelling the functional impact of KCNA5 mutations on the electrical and mechanical activities of human atrial cells, 2014

Colman MA, Castro SJ, Perez Alday EA, Hancox JC, Garratt C, Zhang H Recent progress in multi-scale models of the human atria Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models 14 23-32, 2014

Kharche SR, Stary T, Colman MA, Biktasheva IV, Workman AJ, Rankin AC, Holden AV, Zhang H Effects of human atrial ionic remodelling byβ-blocker therapy onmechanisms of atrial fibrillation: A computer simulation Europace 16 1524-1533, 2014
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Perez Alday EA, Colman MA, Langley P, Zhang H Spatial refinement of a new algorithm to identify focus of atrial ectopic activity from 64-lead ECGs, 2014

Morgan R, Colman M, Kruger M, Seemann G, Rhode K, Aslanidi O Evaluating effects of fibrosis in atrial arrhythmogenesis using 3D computational modelling, 2014

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Perez Alday EA, Colman MA, Butters TD, Higham J, Giacopelli D, Langley P, Zhang H Diagnosis of atrial ectopic origin from the body surface ECG: Insights from 3D virtual human atria and torso, 2013

Castro SJ, Colman MA, Kharche S, Wang R, Zhang H HCN and SCN5A channel mutations: Implications for impaired atrioventricular nodal conduction in a heterogeneous computer model of the whole mouse heart, 2013

Colman MA, Aslanidi OV, Kharche S, Boyett MR, Garratt C, Hancox JC, Zhang H Pro-arrhythmogenic effects of atrial fibrillation-induced electrical remodelling: Insights from the three-dimensional virtual human atria Journal of Physiology 591 4249-4272, 2013

Aslanidi OV, Colman MA, Varela M, Zhao J, Smaill BH, Hancox JC, Boyett MR, Zhang H Heterogeneous and anisotropic integrative model of pulmonary veins: Computational study of arrhythmogenic substrate for atrial fibrillation Interface Focus 3 -, 2013

Atkinson L, Basharat A, Benson AP, Colman MA, Holden AV, Kagugube GW, Pervolaraki E Computational modelling of cardiac electrophysiological changes in malarial fever, 2013
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Aslanidi OV, Colman MA, Zhao J, Smaill BH, Gilbert SH, Hancox JC, Boyett MR, Zhang H Arrhythmogenic substrate for atrial fibrillation: Insights from an integrative computational model of pulmonary veins, 2012

Colman MA, Giacopelli D, Langley P, Zhang H Elucidating the body surface P-wave using a detailed computer model of atrial activation, 2012

Aslanidi OV, Al-Owais M, Benson AP, Colman M, Garratt CJ, Gilbert SH, Greenwood JP, Holden AV, Kharche S, Kinnell E, Pervolaraki E, Plein S, Stott J, Zhang H Virtual tissue engineering of the human atrium: Modelling pharmacological actions on atrial arrhythmogenesis European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 46 209-221, 2012
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Colman MA, Aslanidi OV, Stott J, Holden AV, Zhang H Correlation between P-wave morphology and origin of atrial focal tachycardia-insights from realistic models of the human atria and torso IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 58 2952-2955, 2011
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Aslanidi OV, Colman MA, Stott J, Dobrzynski H, Boyett MR, Holden AV, Zhang H 3D virtual human atria: A computational platform for studying clinical atrial fibrillation Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology -, 2011