Faculty of Biological Sciences

Dr Alexander Borodavka

Sir Henry Wellcome Post Doctoral Fellow
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Contact:  Miall 10.24, +44(0) 113 34 32881, email address for  

Borodavka A, Dykeman EC, Schrimpf W, Lamb DC Protein-mediated RNA folding governs sequence-specific interactions between rotavirus genome segments ELIFE 6 -, 2017

Borodavka A, Singaram SW, Stockley PG, Gelbart WM, Ben-Shaul A, Tuma R Sizes of Long RNA Molecules Are Determined by the Branching Patterns of Their Secondary Structures Biophysical Journal 111 2077-2085, 2016
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Borodavka A, Ault J, Stockley PG, Tuma R Evidence that avian reovirusσNS is an RNA chaperone: implications for genome segment assortment. Nucleic acids research -, 2015
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Stockley PG, Twarock R, Bakker SE, Barker AM, Borodavka A, Dykeman E, Ford RJ, Pearson AR, Phillips SEV, Ranson NA, Tuma R Packaging signals in single-stranded RNA viruses: Nature's alternative to a purely electrostatic assembly mechanism Journal of Biological Physics 39 277-287, 2013
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Borodavka A, Tuma R, Stockley PG A two-stage mechanism of viral RNA compaction revealed by single molecule fluorescence RNA Biology 10 481-489, 2013
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Borodavka A, Tuma R, Stockley PG Evidence that viral RNAs have evolved for efficient, two-stage packaging Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 109 15769-15774, 2012
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