Faculty of Biological Sciences

Dr Matthew Batchelor

Research Fellow
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Contact:  Astbury 8.106, +44(0) 113 34 37208, email address for  

Wolny M, Batchelor M, Bartlett GJ, Baker EG, Kurzawa M, Knight PJ, Dougan L, Woolfson DN, Paci E, Peckham M Characterization of long and stable de novo single alpha-helix domains provides novel insight into their stability Scientific Reports 7 -, 2017
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Batchelor M, Wolny M, Knight PJ, Paci E, Kalverda AP, Peckham M Structural Dynamics in the Myosin 7A Single alpha-Helix Domain, 2017

Tych KM, Batchelor M, Hoffmann T, Wilson MC, Hughes ML, Paci E, Brockwell DJ, Dougan L Differential Effects of Hydrophobic Core Packing Residues for Thermodynamic and Mechanical Stability of a Hyperthermophilic Protein Langmuir 32 7392-7402, 2016
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Tych KM, Batchelor M, Hoffmann T, Wilson MC, Paci E, Brockwell DJ, Dougan L Tuning protein mechanics through an ionic cluster graft from an extremophilic protein Soft Matter 12 2688-2699, 2016
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Tych KM, Hoffmann T, Batchelor M, Hughes ML, Kendrick KE, Walsh DL, Wilson M, Brockwell DJ, Dougan L Life in extreme environments: Single molecule force spectroscopy as a tool to explore proteins from extremophilic organisms Biochemical Society Transactions 43 179-185, 2015
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Batchelor M, Wolny M, Dougan L, Paci E, Knight PJ, Peckham M Myosin tails and singleα-helical domains, 2015
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Wolny MD, Batchelor MR, Knight PJ, Paci E, Peckham M Determining How Many Ionic Interactions are Needed for the High Stability of Single Alpha Helical (SAH) Domains, 2015

Batchelor M, Gowdy J, Paci E Effect of external pulling forces on the length distribution of peptides Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - General Subjects 1850 903-910, 2015
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Wolny M, Batchelor M, Knight PJ, Paci E, Dougan L, Peckham M Stable singleα-Helices are constant force springs in proteins Journal of Biological Chemistry 289 27825-27835, 2014
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Wolny M, Batchelor M, Parker F, Baboolal T, Mashanov G, Molloy J, Paci E, Dougan L, Knight PJ, Peckham M Unravelling the Properties of Single alpha-Helical Domains in Myosin and other Proteins, 2014

Batchelor M Super-Long, Single Alpha Helices: A Mechanical Unfolding Study Biophysical Journal 106 258a-259a, 2014

Brampton C, Wahab O, Batchelor MR, Allen S, Williams PM Biomembrane force probe investigation of RNA dissociation European Biophysics Journal 40 247-257, 2011
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Batchelor M, Zhou DJ, Cooper MA, Abell C, Rayment T Vancomycin dimer formation between analogues of bacterial peptidoglycan surfaces probed by force spectroscopy Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 8 1142-1148, 2010
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Ndieyira JW, Watari M, Barrera AD, Zhou D, Vo¨gtli M, Batchelor M, Cooper MA, Strunz T, Horton MA, Abell C, Rayment T, Aeppli G, McKendry RA Nanomechanical detection of antibiotic– mucopeptide binding in a model for superbug drug resistance Nature Nanotechnology 3 691-696, 2008
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Zhou D, Bruckbauer A, Batchelor M, Kang DJ, Abell C, Klenerman D Influence of the foundation layer on the layer-by-layer assembly of poly-L-lysine and poly(styrenesulfonate) and Its usage in the fabrication of 3D microscale features Langmuir 20 9089-9094, 2004
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