FBS Members of The Earth and Biosphere Institute

Prof John Altringham  (Emeritus Professor, Animal Ecology and Conservation)
The biology and conservation of bats (and animal mechanics) 

Dr Graham Askew  (Associate Professor in Biomechanics)
The physiology and biomechanics of movement 

Prof Tim Benton  (Professor of Population Ecology; UK Champion for Global Food Security and Professor of Population Ecology)
Food Security, Population, evolutionary and conservation ecology 

Dr Steve Compton  (Reader in Entomology)
Plant-Animal Interactions 

Dr Alison Dunn  (Reader in Evolutionary Ecology)

Dr John Grahame  (Visiting Research Fellow)
Genetic structure of intertidal molluscs, and its meaning for biodiversity 

Prof Keith Hamer  (Professor of Animal Ecology)
Population and Behavioural Ecology; Conservation Biology 

Prof Bill Kunin  (Professor of Ecology)
Spatial aspects of population and community ecology and conservation biology 

Dr Steven Sait  (Reader in Ecology)
Population, community and evolutionary ecology