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The flight mechanics research group is concerned with the aerodynamics, energetics, evolution and diversity of flight in birds and bats. The primary focus of the group is considering the aerodynamics of flapping flight, and the ways in which flight biomechanics and physiology determine the diversity of design in birds and bats. In Summer 1999 we moved from the University of Bristol to Leeds. Some of the research detailed here is still based in Bristol.

Current research projects:

Thermo Flapping flight energetics in starlings
Professor Jeremy Rayner, Dr Sally Ward, Professor John Speakman (University of Aberdeen),
Professor Werner Nachtigall, Mr Udo Möller (Universität des Saarlandes)

Intermittent flight behaviour in small birds
Paolo Viscardi


Wingshape and wingtip design in birds

Professor Jeremy Rayner

Aerodynamics of the avian wingtip

Laurence Couldrick

Modelling Modelling and visualization of flapping flight aerodynamics
Professor Jeremy Rayner

Body and wing aerodynamics in birds and bats

Mr Will Maybury (Bristol)

Evolution of avian diversity

Mr Gareth Dyke (Department of Geology)


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