Faculty of Biological Sciences

School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Roles of individuals

Role Name

Head of School

David Westhead

Personal Assistant (PA) to the Head of School and Human Resources (HR) contact

Joanne Gorner

School Director for Research

Adrian Whitehouse

School Director for Student Education

Neil Ranson

Director of Astbury Centre

Sheena Radford

Technical  Services Manager

Jenny  Baker

Postgraduate Admission's Tutor

Alan Berry

Astbury BBSRC-DTP Admissions Tutor

Alan Berry

School Postgraduate Progressions Tutor

Roman Tuma

Postgraduate Progressions Tutor for Astbury students

Nic Stonehouse

Postgraduate Representative (s)

Pelumi Adeyemi & Eleni Loundras

Wellcome Trust PhD Director

Alan Berry

Seminar Co-ordinators

James Duce & Jamel Mankouri

Library Representative

Sergei Krivov


Updated July 2014