School of Biology

Roles of individuals



Prof Ian Hope

Deputy Director

Prof Paul Knox

PA to Director, and HR contact

Miss Louisa Oates

School Director of Research

Prof Keith Hamer

Director of Student Education

Dr Christopher West

School Finance Officer

Mr Gareth Spooner

Research Group Director, CPS

Prof Paul Knox

Research Group Director, E&E

Prof Bill Kunin

Research Group Director, HDD

Dr Glenn McConkey

Admissions Coordinator

Dr Henry Greathead

Athena SWAN rep

Prof Keith Hamer

Equality & Inclusion Lead

Dr Andrew Peel

Ethics Committee rep

Dr Andrew Peel

Examinations Officer

Dr Andrew Peel

FBS IT Steering Committee (Biology) rep

Prof Brendan Davies

Knowledge transfer rep

Dr Katie Field

Library rep

Dr Elizabeth Duncan

Postdoctoral development adviser

Dr Steven Sait

Postgraduate Admissions Tutor

Dr Christopher Hassall

Postgraduate Progressions Tutor

Prof Peter Meyer

Programme Manager for Biology

Dr Stefan Kepinski

Programme Manager for Ecology/Conservation Biology

Dr Steven Sait

Programme Manager for Genetics

Dr Andrew Cuming

Programme Manager for Zoology

Dr Alison Dunn

Promotions adviser

Dr Alison Dunn