Exercise in health, disease and rehabilitation

The Sport and Exercise Sciences (SES) Research Group at Leeds was ranked 1st for 'world leading' 4* research in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF)

The group incorporates both multi- and inter-disciplinary research aimed at improving the understanding of the relationship between physical activity, exercise, health and the predisposition to chronic diseases.

Sport and Exercise Sciences Research

Our research uses a contemporary systems-integrative perspective to investigate exercise responses, control mechanisms and exercise adherence. Application and translation spans elite athletes, the elderly, and children as well as patients with chronic heart and lung disease, spinal cord injuries, and motor impairments.

Research Group Aims & Objectives

To integrate basic and applied research to elucidate the role of physical activity and exercise in health, disease and rehabilitation

To improve our understanding of the integrated systems biology and psychology of exercise, from youth to senescence, in health, and in chronic disease or injury states where tolerance or motor control is limited

The group has research meetings to:

  • facilitate research activity through discussion of research in the exercise sciences
  • stimulate grant success through peer review
  • develop multidisciplinary research activities
  • support junior members in these activities