Motor Control & Psychology laboratories

The Motor Control & Psychology laboratories house a combination of equipment that enables detailed study of human and animal models. In addition, we have rooms for interviewing and running focus groups. Equipment includes a 10 camera Qualysis motion analysis system, a Kistler force platform to measure ground reaction forces; telemetry EMG systems (Delsys, Neuraxon), a TMS and tdcs systems (Magstim), and equipment to perform peripheral nerve stimulation (DigiStim).

Cardiovascular & Exercise Physiology laboratories

The newly refurbished Cardiovascular & Exercise Physiology laboratories support an integrative approach using human studies and animal models. These involve a training suite of cycle and stepping ergometers (Lode Excalibur, BTE Eccentron); cardiopulmonary function testing (GE Vivid E9), gas exchange (Medgraphics Ultima CPX) and systemic haemodynamics (Finapress NOVA); vascular function lab with ultrasound probes (Siemens Acuson); and a multidisciplinary animal and muscle physiology lab for in vivo (Transonic blood flow, Aurora muscle performance, PowerLab data acquisition) and ex vivo investigations (oxidative capacity, workloop, myothermy).

Cell biology laboratories

Cell biology laboratories include tissue culture / transfection; histology and immunohistochemistry; protein / mRNA expression, enzyme activity (Western Blotting, qPCR, multiwell plate reader); cardiac myocyte voltage clamp; epifluorescent / high-speed confocal microscopy imaging of intracellular ions, voltage or calcium changes; pressure-volume loops, cardiac work, ECG (Langendorff, working heart, in vivo); echocardiographic analysis of function; computational modelling from single cells to multi-dimensional models of physiology / pathology.

Biomechanics laboratories

The Biomechanics laboratories house a range of equipment for studying human and animal biomechanics. Equipment includes: 13 camera Qualisys Oqus motion analysis systems; Kistler and AMTI force platforms; telemetry surface EMG systems (Delsys, Noraxon); Fastec, Photron and Quintic high-speed video cameras; Visual 3D motion analysis software; gas exchange (Sable Systems); thermal imaging camera; animal and high speed incline/decline human treadmills; Biodex isokinetic dynamometer; Swingulator rowing simulator; particle image velocimetry, and a variable-speed wind tunnel. In addition, we have equipment for studying tissue biomechanics. This includes muscle physiology equipment for contractile measurements (Aurora: single fibre to in situ preparations; muscle heat measurements), sonomicrometry, and fine-wire EMG systems.