Develop and translate medical devices and regenerative medicine for the treatment of orthopaedic and cardiovascular diseases and disabilities.

Biomedical Engineering research in the Faculty aims to deliver an innovation culture with a blend of goal orientated exploratory research, translation and training, integrating academia, industry and NHS at all levels of technology readiness from knowledge creation and discovery to market introduction.

Researchers in this area contribute the following members to the University of Leeds wide research institute, the Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering.

Key researchers in this area

  • Medeng
  • Dr Helen Berry, UAF in Cardiovascular Regenerative Therapies & Devices
    Biological Scaffolds for Tissue Replacement and Regeneration, Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering
    Research interests
  • Dr Hazel Fermor, Lecturer in Musculoskeletal Regenerative Medicine
    Musculoskeletal tissue repair, replacement and regeneration
    Research interests
  • Prof Eileen Ingham, Professor of Medical Immunology
    Tissue Replacement and Regeneration, Joint prostheses, Tissue engineering
    Research interests
  • Prof Michael McPherson, Professor of Biomolecular Engineering, Director of the BioScreening Technology Group
    Protein engineering and expression; directed evolution; Adhiron artificial binding proteins; copper oxidases; synthetic biology.
    Research interests
  • Dr Neil Messenger, Lecturer in Biomechanics
    Biomechanics of locomotion in health and disease.
    Research interests
  • Prof Paul Millner, Professor in Bionanotechnology
    Nano-scale engineering of surfaces for biosensor applications, nanoparticulate supports, bio-affinity systems
    Research interests
  • Dr Ralf Richter, Associate Professor
    Physical chemistry of biological systems
    Research interests
  • Prof Joanne Tipper, Visiting Professor
    Patient specific biological responses to total joint arthroplasties: New engineering solutions
    Research interests
  • Dr Stacy-Paul Wilshaw, Visiting Lecturer
    Tissue Replacement and Regeneration, Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering
    Research interests