Research Contacts for Industry

Ingham and Fisher

Our staff have a wide variety of industrial and other partnerships, including consultation, research projects and indeed company directorships.

We are always happy to discuss potential interactions – contact the Pro-Dean for Research and Innovations's office ( or one of the sector hubs below. If you are interested in our research facilities and/or accessing them please see our research facilities pages.

Case Partnership Costs

Minimum Company Contributions

Sector Hubs

To facilitate partnerships with industry and other partners we at the University of Leeds have developed focussed and strategic gateways. Each provides easy, single points of access for interaction across the university in particular areas. The Faculty of Biological Sciences is most involved with the following hubs:

The Food Hub at Leeds addresses the pressing challenge of global food security. We are a trans-disciplinary grouping of researchers in areas from plant sciences, through engineering and chemistry, to water resources management, nutrition and ecosystem services.

The Medical Technologies Hub develops medical devices and regenerative therapies that repair, regenerate and replace diseased or damaged tissues, to help the body restore function.

The Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Innovation Hub brings together expertise in a range of physical and biological sciences to pioneer innovative approaches to drug discovery and help the sector discover safe new medicines faster.

Through our understanding of the research, industrial and regulatory landscapes, the Stratified Medicine Hub can support the development of novel drugs and diagnostics to bring stratified medicine to the patient.