Molecular Contractility, Molecular Motors and Microscopy Research Group

Current and Past members

image of postdocs

Postdocs in the lab:

from left to right - Ruth Hughes, Alistair Curd, Francine Parker, Marcin Wolny and Matthew Batchelor.

Ruth is currently finishing up and about to transfer into our Bio-imaging facility at Leeds.

Alistair is working on 'super-resolution' imaging projects (funded by MRC Next Generation Imaging), and some of our instruments are now in the facility

Francine is working on myosins (BBSRC funded)

Marcin, who was working on myosins and 'SAH' domains, recently left to go and work at Medimmune

Matt, who was also working on myosins and 'SAH' domains, recently left and is now working in the Bayliss Lab at Leeds.

We are currently recruiting a new postdoc!

PhD Students in the lab

images of Phd students

From left to right: Brendan Rogers, Glenn Carrington, Marcus Holt and Louise Richardson

Brendan is working on super-resolution imaging, Glenn on the 'flexibility' of myosins, Marcus on the microtubule binding protein ASPM, and Louise is working on satellite cell biology.

Past Members

past lab members1

Anna Lopata graduated with her PhD in 2016 and is now back in Hungary. Adriana Klyszejko (PDRA) is now working at Diamond (Harwell, Oxford). Marta (technician) has moved to Southampton, where she is working in the NHS. Kasia (PhD student, graduated in 2015) is working for the NC3Rs. Romina (a masters student) is now working towards her PhD back in Germany.

lab photo

And some more: Chris Bartlett graduated in 2016, and is now working as a software engineer. Gavin Allsop graduated from his PhD in 2010 and is now working for ThermoFisher. Sarah Dunn graduated in 2007 and is now a senior scientist with Medimmune. Lucy Colman graduated in 2009, and is now a senior scientist at Karplus Therapeutics, Daryl Tacon graduated in 2008, and is now a Science Teacher. Nathan Swailes graduated in 2004, and is now a lecturer at the University of Iowa (USA), Claire Wells graduated in 1999, and is now a senior lecturer at KCL, and Melanie Colegrave graduated in 1999 and is now an independent science consultant. Alexa Cleasby (PDRA) is now a science writer, Dmitry Ushakov (PDRA) is now a research fellow at KCL, Kat White is training to be an airline pilot, Tom Baboolal is a research fellow at Leeds (LIRMM), Hanny Musa is working in Germany.

and some more old lab photos!

lab photo

lab 2002


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