The human myosin superfamily


myosin tree

See reviews in Biochem Soc Trans (2011) and 2016


Motion of myosin V molecules on actin

When using these animations in any way, please acknowledge:
Matthew L. Walker, Stan A. Burgess, James R. Sellers, Fei Wang, John A. Hammer III, John Trinick & Peter J. Knight. Two-headed Binding of a Processive Myosin to F-actin. Nature, 405, 804-807 (2000).

After the trailing head detaches, the other head swings forwards. This is the power stroke of the myosin motor, seen here for the first time. It carries the detached head away from its previous attachment site and closer to the next binding site. The detached head then binds again and the cycle is repeated. In the living cell the cycle may repeat twenty times per second. In making this animation we selected a series of images that show the detached head executing a cartwheel motion. This is just one of many ways the head may reach its next binding site. The frame is about 75 nm wide.


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