Dynein c from Chlamydomonas flagella inner arms

Please acknowledge the following publication in any use of the images in these pages:
S.A. Burgess, M.L. Walker, H. Sakakibara, P.J. Knight & K. Oiwa (2003) Dynein structure and power stroke. Nature, 421, 715-718.

Stalk flexibility

In the most common orientation of the particle on the carbon film (so-called left view) the downward-pointing stem emerges from the left side of the head. Classification of the stalk reveals a thin, flexible structure with a swollen tip. The binding of the tip to the microtubule is sensitive to ATPase activity in the head. Notice that the stem flickers randomly across its range of positions: this indicates that stem and stalk flex independently.

Comparing the stalks in the two movies, in apo-molecules it is relatively stiff and straight, indicating a change in its structure.

The numbers in the top left of the panels are the arbitrary class numbers of the individual averaged images; those in the lower right are the number of raw images used to create each average.

ADP.Vi Apo





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