Dynein c from Chlamydomonas flagella inner arms

Please acknowledge the following publication in any use of the images in these pages:
S.A. Burgess, M.L. Walker, H. Sakakibara, P.J. Knight & K. Oiwa (2003) Dynein structure and power stroke. Nature, 421, 715-718.

The Linker Region

Undocked molecules (left) showing apparently longer stems. These are rare molecules, so the movie is made from raw images which are ‘noisy’. An additional structural element, the linker, connects the stem to the head in these molecules. The head is very similar to right views of apo-heads (right) but the linker emerges from a different position on the head. The linker is normally associated with the head, and movement between head and linker underlies the conformational change of the power stroke.

The numbers in the top left of the right view panel are the arbitrary class numbers of the individual averaged images; those in the lower right are the number of raw images used to create each average.

Undocked Apo right view


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