Research Projects

Global map of research projects

The research component is one of the most important and potentially fulfilling parts of the degree. Projects cover a wide range of topics and usually include around six to eight weeks of practical work. A significant number of students are based overseas for their project see interactive map.

MSc students conduct a single research project, usually in the summer.

MRes students conduct two research projects, typically one in term time and the other in the summer. The two projects are chosen to differ in methodology, rather than duplicating one type of project. Nonetheless it is often convenient to choose conceptually linked projects. MRes students need to begin to develop project ideas with potential supervisors soon after arrival in Leeds as work on the term-time project begins as soon as possible.

Galapagos Tortoise Health Survey The first step in any project is to choose and develop a research topic. A list of suggestions for MRes students is circulated shortly after arrival in September and for MSc's before Christmas, but students are also encouraged to develop research topics of their own. Each project has an allotted supervisor and for overseas projects usually a second in-country supervisor. At the end of the summer, you will write a report on your project, and also present a short seminar on your work.

Example Research Projects