Faculty of Biological Sciences

There will be a number of funded opportunities available from October 2015; most PhDs will start in October 2016.

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 Wellcome Trust 4-year PhD Programme "The Molecular Basis of Biological Mechanisms"

Applications for places in October 2016 - Two University-funded places to join the programme are available now

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5pm, 13th May 2016

 Early-life environment effects on ageing in European badgers

Dr Hannah Dugdale and Dr Amanda Bretman

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 29th April 2016

 Maximising arm and hand function after cervical spinal cord injury using combinatorial strategies.

Dr Sarah Astill and Dr Samit Chakrabarty

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 5th May 2016

 Landscape scale connectivity on the Humberhead Levels

MSc by Research with Dr Chris Hassall and the Humberhead Levels Partnership, part of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

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 5th May 2016

 Leeds Anniversary Research Scholarships

The Faculty of Biological Sciences has recently appointed a group of exceptional University Academic Fellows.  The LARS scholarships in FBS will be based around the research areas of these supervisors. A range of projects are available:

  • Respiratory system limitations to exercise in heart-failure patients – Dr Bryan Taylor with Dr Klaus Witte
  • How insulin resistance in the brain affects glucose metabolism and feeding behaviour in rodents - Dr. Beatrice Maria Filippi with Prof. Jim Deuchars
  • Dissecting the multi-scale mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias through computational modelling - Dr Michael Colman

Project details and how to apply

 18th May 2016

 Frank Parkinson scholarship

Provides 3 years of fees and stipend  for 1 UK candidate (university-wide competition). Beneficiaries under the Fund must be born of British parents who have been domiciled in Yorkshire for a period of not less than ten years.  The years of domicile need not be successive, but must amount to ten in the aggregate.

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 1st June 2016

 Frank Stell scholarship 

Provides 3 years of fees and stipend  for 1 UK/EU candidate (university-wide competition). 

Beneficiaries of the awards must be resident or have a parent or parents resident within the former administrative area of the County Council of the West Riding of Yorkshire.  (‘Resident’ usually means having lived in the area for three years immediately prior to application, and living in an area whilst studying does not constitute residence under the terms of this Scholarship).

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 1st June 2016

 Alumni Bursary

If you are a former student of the University of Leeds and intend to fund your MSc by Research or PhD yourself, you may be eligible for a 10% alumni tuition fee bursary.

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