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There will be a number of funded opportunities available from October 2015.

Project Overview

Expected timeline

BBSRC White Rose DTP PhD studentships session 2016-17

The Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York are partners in the White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership in Mechanistic Biology and its Strategic Application, bringing together the research of three world-class molecular and cellular bioscience centres. At Leeds we offer a 4-year programme of integrated research and skills training, with cross-disciplinary supervision and professional internships with external partners. The studentships are in key BBSRC priority areas, Agriculture and Food Security, Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy, and World Class Bioscience and will encompass current research in the departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Engineering, Maths and Physics.

For successful applicants, the studentships would provide funding for tuition fees and living stipend at the current Research Council UK rates (subject to eligibility; EU citizens must have lived in the UK for at least 3 years to be eligible for full support).

How to apply:

1) Complete the online application. Please do not upload supporting documents.

2) Complete the Leeds WR application form 1617 and email to fbsgrad@leeds.ac.uk including a CV (including reference contact details) and transcripts if available. 

3) Forward the reference form to your referees and ask them to return it to us by email by 22nd January 2015.

Details of projects available this year. We strongly recommend that you contact potential supervisors to discuss projects before applying.


 Deadline 6th January 2016

 Leeds Anniversary Research Scholarships

The Faculty of Biological Sciences has recently appointed a group of exceptional University Academic Fellows.  We are now seeking up to 15 PhD students to join their groups, taking part in cutting edge research.  The LARS PhD scholarships in FBS will be based around the research areas of these supervisors, working in Biomedicine, Health and Sustainable Agriculture. A range of projects are available.  Funding will cover fees and a stipend for 3 years. 

Projects and how to apply

 Deadline 15th January 2016

Leeds York NERC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) for PhD Training in Environmental Research

The NERC DTP encompasses research activities within three broad themes: the science of the Earth's Atmosphere, Geosphere (including Geology and Geophysics) and Biosphere. These themes cut across the six academic departments involved, reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of much of our research, which spans the breadth of the NERC remit. We recruit graduates who have studied a wide range of subjects including chemistry, physics, biology, earth sciences, geography, maths, engineering and computing as well as all branches of environmental science.

Projects and how to apply

Deadline 11th January 2016

 BBSRC iCASE studentships

These BBSRC PhD studentships are jointly sponsored by the DTP and industry and students will spend a minimum of 3 months working at the industrial partners laboratories.


 BBSRC iCASE studentship: Characterization of WHIRLY1 functions in cereal crops

Prof Christine Foyer

4 year studenthship in partnership with Biogemma, a plant biotechnology company.  The Foyer Group is a leading laboratory working on plant molecular physiology and metabolism. The University of Leeds has state-of-the-art laboratories and extensive facilities for plant maintenance. The student will gain expertise in gene cloning, designing and making gene constructs, transgenic maize and wheat plants, back-crossing, and the biochemical, molecular and physiological analysis of crop plants.

 It brings an stipend enhanced by £2.5k p.a. as a BBSRC CASE award.

Applications are welcomed from UK/EU students with relevant backgrounds (EU students must haved lived in the UK for 3 years to be eligible for full support).

Project details and how to apply

 Deadline 6th January 2016

 BBSRC iCASE studentship: Evolving and improving protein stability for enhanced biopharmaceuticals

Prof Sheena Radford and Dr David Brockwell

In this 4 year PhD studentship, working in partnership with Medimmune, the student will develop new understandings of how and why proteins aggregate and which are likely to be unsuitable for bioprocessing and development.

This multi-disciplinary project will involve collaborations with both academics from different disciplines and with industry (Medimmune) and offers a superb training spanning academia and industry. It also brings an stipend enhanced by £2.5k p.a. as a BBSRC CASE award.

Applications are welcomed from UK/EU students with biological, chemical or physical science backgrounds (EU students must haved lived in the UK for 3 years to be eligible for full support).


 Deadline 6th January 2016

Wellcome Trust 4-year PhD Programme: The Molecular Basis of Biological Mechanisms.

The results from the various genome projects are providing a wealth of information on nucleic acid and protein sequences. Identification and manipulation of the roles of these molecules in the living cell is the next important challenge. A detailed understanding of their three dimensional structures, folding, interactions with other biomolecules, assembly into multi-subunit complexes and their structure/function relationships is an essential step towards this goal. This is the focus of our 4 Year PhD Programme.

Information and how to apply

Deadline 6th January 2016

University Research Scholarship (URS)

Provides 3 years of fees and stipend for 2 UK/EU students in FBS in any research area. 

Further information

 Deadline 11th March 2016

 Frank Parkinson scholarship

Provides 3 years of fees and stipend  for 1 UK candidate (university-wide competition). Beneficiaries under the Fund must be born of British parents who have been domiciled in Yorkshire for a period of not less than ten years.  The years of domicile need not be successive, but must amount to ten in the aggregate.

Further information

 Deadline 1st June 2016

 Frank Stell scholarship 

Provides 3 years of fees and stipend  for 1 UK/EU candidate (university-wide competition). 

Beneficiaries of the awards must be resident or have a parent or parents resident within the former administrative area of the County Council of the West Riding of Yorkshire.  (‘Resident’ usually means having lived in the area for three years immediately prior to application, and living in an area whilst studying does not constitute residence under the terms of this Scholarship).

Further information

 Deadline 1st June 2016

 China Scholarship Council - University of Leeds scholarship

Provides 3 years of fees and stipend  for 13 Chinese candidates (university-wide competition).  Applicants must normally either be studying at a Chinese University, although there are a limited number of scholarship places open to Chinese Postgraduate Researchers currently in their last year of postgraduate study overseas. 

Further information

 Deadline 8th January 2016

Studentships funded by MRC and EPSRC will also be available later on in the year.

See website from November 2015