Healthy hearts at Leeds

Scientists from biological sciences were on hand to explain the physiology of the heart to the people of Leeds as part of ‘Physiology Friday’ recently.

Dr Charlotte Haigh led the biological sciences team of academic staff, postgraduate and undergraduate students to help explain the science behind blood pressure measurements and Electrocardiogram heart rhythms.Human physiology model

Members of the public were able find out more about the physiology of a heart and see anatomical models, have their blood pressure and ECG measured and gain insight into what their results meant. Current students were on hand to explain more about the results and share their expertise from their studies in biomedical sciences at Leeds.

Dr Charlotte Haigh said: “The event is part of our programme of outreach events and aimed to share our expertise and help the general public discover more about physiology. We hope that visitors will be more aware of heart issues and looking after their own heart after visiting the exhibition.”

Over the day around 150 people across all age groups visited the exhibition at the Light shopping centre in Leeds.The event was part of a number of national activities organised in conjunction with the Physiology Society and the Society of Biology.

To find out about other outreach events please contact Rose Bavage, Educational Engagement Coordinator for the Faculty of Biological Sciences. Email:

The group at physiology friday