Public Engagement

Performance 2012: revealing the science of success

Dr Charlotte Haigh and Dr Dave Lewis have been awarded a Wellcome Trust People Award of almost £30,000 to run a programme of events on the physiology and pharmacology of performance enhancement in sport.

This project involves three key events for the Olympic year:

1.) A mock drugs testing laboratory and debate on the use of drugs in sport took place in March as part of National Science Week. A level and GCSE pupils came from local schools and colleges to learn more about drugs in sport.

2.) This was followed by an interactive debate on Tuesday 5th July. Participants discussed the use of drugs by young athletes, as well as exploring the role and responsibilities of coaches. The event took place at Leeds University Union, Stage 1 Theatre.

3.) The final event is an interactive exhibition exploring performance enhancement in sport on 3rd-4th August, including:

- Compare yourself to an Olympic athlete
- Wheelchair Basketball
- Using science to improve training strategy
- Drugs in Sport: Ethical Dilemmas.

Debate on the use of drugs in sport