Public Engagement

Fascination of Plants

Faculty researchers held an event in The Light Shopping Centre as part of the first International Fascination of Plants Day on May 18th.

Thousands of plant scientists, botanists, farmers and gardeners from all over the world came together to shaire their Fascination of Plants, and Leeds played its part too.

The University of Leeds held a special event in The Light Shopping Centre in Leeds city centre, featuring displays of plants known and not so well known. The aim was to demonstrate how these crops contribute to our daily lives, not only through food, but in energy, textile and drug production. The event also featured a show hive of bees to highlight the crucial and often overlooked role that pollinators play in our world.

Local schools attended the event, giving children the chance to find out more about these fascinating plants, and to start making the connection between the growing plant and where our food comes from.

Fascination of Plants