Public Engagement

University of Leeds garden at Chelsea Flower Show

University of Leeds scooped Gold at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show with its first exhibit at the prestigious event. The University garden exhibited in the Environment category, and was designed to echo a 'typical' northern garden.

The University's garden was based on research into ecosystem services carried out by the Faculty of Biological Sciences and the Faculty of Environment, highlighted in three 'stories' which demonstrate how your garden can have a positive impact on the environment.

Professor Bill Kunin worked on 'The Pollination Story'. “Most of the things pollinators want are things gardeners aim for anyway: lots of flowers over a long season,” says Prof. Bill Kunin, “but your garden can be made a lot better if you provide nest sites for wild bees, use flowers offering high rewards, and are careful with pesticide use.”

The garden also showed ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Professor Les Firbank from the Faculty of Biological Sciences said: “The contribution of each garden may be tiny on a global scale, but there are a lot of gardens out there, and together they can make a real difference.”

University of Leeds garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

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