Public Engagement

Professor Altringham shares expertise on BBC

Professor John Altringham was recently featured on the BBC programme 'The Great British Countryside', sharing his knowledge of bats with actor Hugh Dennis.

'The Great British Countryside' is a three-part series on Britain's landscapes, presented by Hugh Dennis and Julia Bradbury. Professor Altringham was featured in the episode exploring Yorkshire's countryside, shown on 23 February.

Professor Altringham said: "Bats being rather charismatic little animals, I am frequently asked to talk about them on TV and radio. This is not only fun, but I see it as part of my job as a scientist. The opportunity to work with Hugh Dennis, one of my heroes from Radio 4's The Now Show, was not to be missed. Hugh was great to work with: enthusiastic, knowledgeable and effortlessly funny! He even volunteered to carry the heaviest bits of equipment to the cave."

Professor Altringham is a Professor of Animal Ecology and Conservation, whose research interests focus on the biology and conservation of bats. Recent research includes his study on the impact of major roads on bat numbers, activity and diversity.

BBC filming The Great British Countryside
Professor Altringham with Hugh Dennis