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The standard annual leave entitlement for all Staff is 25 days (pro rota for part time Staff), plus statutory holidays and days when the University is closed.

The holiday year runs from 01 October to 30 September.                                                                                        
You will be informed of the number of days you are entitled to on your first year of employment. 

Before taking annual leave, please liaise with your Line Manager.
Annual leave entitlement will not normally be carried forward to succeeding years, but, subject to a discussion with the Head of School/Service, in individual cases a maximum of one week's annual leave entitlement may be carried forward.  This leave must be taken by 31st December of the following holiday year.

Bank Holidays

  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • May Day Bank Holiday Monday
  • Spring Bank Holiday Monday
  • Summer Bank Holiday Monday
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
  • New Years Day

Additional days on which the University is closed are:

  • Christmas Eve
  • The days between Boxing Day and New Years Day
  • Maundy Thursday afternoon
  • Tuesday after Easter Monday 
  • Tuesday after Spring Bank Holiday
  • Tuesday after Summer Bank Holiday