Faculty of Biological Sciences

Want to know what we do?

The Jeuken Group has various activities with those interested in science.

  • ArchiBio, bioLeeds and the Superposition
  • Work experience placements (A-level students)
  • The discovery zone (Science Week, Key Stage 2 and 3)
  • Public talks (Everyone)
  • Summer school (A-level students, SmallPieceTrust)
  • School visits


ArchiBio (bioLeeds) is a group of people that interested in art, design and making with biology in Leeds city region. They form part of a bigger group the Superposition. If you interested, see bioleeds.wordpress.com. Once every one or two years, the Superpositions organises an ASMbly in which they organise workshops and exhibit their art and other displays. See this link for a recent coverage on Made In Leeds TV (starts at 2 min 35 sec).

Work experience placements

Are you a AS or A-level student who is dedicated to science, but not yet sure what you like to study. Perhaps you want to a better idea what academic research actually involves or maybe you want to know more about biochemistry? We accept one or two work-experience student each year, typically for a week or two weeks. Work experience students will work alongside one of our PhD students. Depending on the project and the work that needs doing, it might be possible to do some of the experimental work yourself. If you are interested, please contact us.

The discovery zone

DiscoveryZone2018The Discovery Zone is one of the highlights of the Leeds Festival of Science programme at Leeds for Key Stage 2 and 3 pupils. For more than 5 years, we have taken part in the Discovery Zone where we do experiments to understand how enzymes work and find out why we are able to understand how enzymes work. Laserpens, boiled and fresh liver and bubbly solutions; We hope to see you at the discovery zone! For more information on how your school can participate in our Science Week and the Discovery Zone, please go to our Faculty web-pages.

Public talks and web presentations

We enjoy participating in public discussions and/or give seminars on a vairiety of subjects, ranging from biochemistry, biotechnology to synthetic biology. Some of these presentations can be found on iTunesU, YouTube or The Biology Faculty website:

  • For AS/A-level students: "How do enzymes work, Part 1: The Shape of an enzyme" (YouTube link; iTunesU)
  • For AS/A-level: "How do enzymes work, Part 2:Enzyme inhibitors and their application in medicine"(iTunesU)
  • For everybody: "Solar power: Do we exploit nature or can we do better?" (YouTube link)

On the 28 October 2014, we joined the TEDx University of Leeds in their themed evening 'Superior Science'. After editing these presentations will soon be provided on the TEDx sites.

On 27 July 2016, we joined SciBar Nottingham for a great event. After a 20 minutes presentation and a beer break, a lively discussion took place on how biotechnology could contribute to converting solar eneryg into fuel production.

School Visits

Theo Laftsogrou, who completed his PhD studies in 2017, took part in "I'm a Scientist - Get me out of here". The objectives of this programme is not only to engage pupils in science, but also to break the public stereotype of scientists. Thus, the pupils asked us a lot of personal questions, along with science questions. Theo's I-am-a-scientist profile can be found on: http://euron14.imascientist.org.uk/profile/theodoroslaftsoglou/.



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