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There are several freeware software packages that can be downloaded. Please click on the links provided to go to pages were the software is described further and can be downloaded.

Fit 'Trumpet' Plots and SWV data: Jellyfit

Jellyfit is a windows-based program that can fit trumpet plots and 'square-wave voltammetry (SWV) plots' using several electron-transfer systems and models. SWV plots are described in DOI:10.1021/jp0134291. Trumpet plots are plots in which the peak position of cyclic voltammograms of protein films are given as a function of scan rate. Details of trumpet plots can be found in the many papers of Prof. Fraser Armstrong.

Fit Impedance Data: EISfit

Eisfit is a windows-based program that fits impedance spectra to equivalent circuits. This program provides the possibility to fit the data in different representations (i.e., normalised Cole-Cole plots or Nequist plots), which provides an intuitive way of weighting the data in a way that highlights whatever circuit element you are most interested in. At the moment, this program can only read data files from FRA (Ecochemie), CompactStat (Ivium) or the ASCII files generated by the software from CH Instruments. However, different reading formats can be included upon request.



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