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Four new PhD students on Antimicrobial Resistance Research

Leeds will take on four new PhD students on Antimicrobial Resistance Research. One of these will be appointed by the Medical Research Foundation (MRF). The other three will be funded by the University as part of our programme into "Accelerating Development of Infection Diagnostics for Patient Management and Reduction of Antibiotic Misus". Three positions have been advertised via the MRF (see link here). The fourth will be released soon.

Congratulations to Dr. (!) Theo Laftsoglou

Congratualtions to Theo, who passed his viva on 14 December. We which Theo all the best with his career at Immunocore.

Leeds Cafe Scientifique

Together with Jonathan Sandoe, we gave a presentation at Leeds Café Sci on "Antibiotic resistance". We discussed how antimicrobial resistant infections come about, the difficulties of diagnosing infections and how their current research might help to reduce prescriptions of antimicrobials.


Our aim is to advance our understanding of life on the molecular level by biophysical tool development. In particular we focus on furthering our understanding of metalloproteins and/or membrane proteins and the development on novel biosensing. In many biochemical assays (e.g., ELISAs), the interaction between solid surfaces and biomacromolecules is of utmost importance, part of our research focusses on the chemical modification of surfaces wto control the interaction between membrane proteins and the surface. We call these modifications ''membrane-modified surfaces'. Our surfaces are characterised with a broad spectrum of tools, including Quartz-Crystal Microballance with Dissipation (QCM-D) and Atomic Force Spectroscopy (AFM). We are extending our research into controlling the interaction between solid surfaces (including nanoparticles) and whole bacteria, which has important applications in microbial electrochemistry.

For more information about our research and projects, please press the 'research' or ERC 'MEME' tab on the top-left of this page.

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of our research, we are a connected to a number of school and centres in Leeds

  • School of Biomedical Sciences (SBMS) of the Faculty of Biological Sciences
  • Molecular and Nano-Partical group (MNP) within the School of Physics & Astronomy
  • Astbury Centre and the Institute for Molecular Biophysics (Astbury)



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