Intercalated courses

Intercalation offers today's medical, dental and veterinary students a signficant opportunity for self development and investment in a future career.

You might choose to intercalate in the Faculty of Biological Sciences for different reasons:

  • to gain insight into exciting research underpinning the latest medical advances
  • to explore new subjects not covered on your degree
  • to develop your skills and knowledge in a complementary discipline 
  • to prepare for your chosen career and give you more specialist options
  • to enhance your university experience.

Whatever the reason, by combining existing medical, dental or veterinary training with a year's education in a complementary subject, you can improve your future employability and career enhancement.

In the Faculty of Biological Sciences, we warmly welcome medical, dental and veterinary students from with the University of Leeds and from other universities into our courses; supporting them all to meet their full potential.

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The deadline for applications for 2019 entry will be announced later this year


BSc Biochemistry in Relation to Medicine

This course provides an extended and more detailed study of biochemistry and molecular biology in order to understand the molecular basis of modern day medicine and its advances in a rapidly changing world. 

BSc Human Physiology in Relation to Medicine

Physiology is the discipline that underpins modern medicine and this is reflected in our course. The emphasis of our research led teaching is on how the body copes with the normal demands we place upon it during everyday life.

BSc Microbiology in Relation to Medicine

Covering a broad range of topics including bacteriology, virology and immunology, this course in microbiology provides a strong basis for almost any career in medicine.

BSc Neuroscience in Relation to Medicine

This course will teach you how the brain functions, from the level of single neurones to complex networks and systems, both in health and disease and the drugs used to treat these disorders.

BSc Pharmacology in Relation to Medicine

This course will give you a deeper understanding of pharmacology - possibly the area of study most frequently referred to during clinical practice. You will also gain insight into the clinical research needed before compounds can be used as therapeutic agents. 

BSc Sports Science in Relation to Medicine

This course will allow you to understand more fully the scientific foundations of sporting performace and health related exercise. You'll study elements of biomechanics, exercise physiology, motor control and sport psychology.

BSc Zoology in Relation to Medicine and Veterinary Science

Zoology is the study of animals at all levels, from their evolutionary origins, molecular and cell biology to their physiology, behaviour and ecology. This course provides you with an insight into a wide range of animals and their effects on the human world.

Cell Biology of Human Disease

This course offers practical experience and research training in contemporary topics in the areas of cell biology and gene technology, as well as introducing you to cutting edge developments in cell and molecular biology. 

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