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MSc Biotechnology

Bioscience Programme Team

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Dr Aysha Divan

Programme Manager: MSc Biotechnology
Programme Manager: MSc Bioscience

Professor Alison Baker Programme Manager: MSc Plant Science and Biotechnology
Professor Mark Harris

Programme Manager: MSc Infection, Immunity & Human Disease

Modules taught
Dr Chris Thomas MSc Bioscience Research Project Proposal; MSc Bioscience Research Project
Professor Alison Baker Topics in Plant Science

Dr Al Pickles

Human Toxicology

Dr Aysha Divan

Drugs, Processes, Products and People; Topics in Cancer Biology; Protein Engineering Laboratory Project

Dr Roman Tuma Research Planning and Scientific Communication

Professor Paul Knox

Advanced Biomolecular Technologies

Dr Sergei Krivov

Practical Bioinformatics

Dr Lars Jeuken

Molecular Diagnostics, Drug Delivery and Therapies

Dr Alex O'Neill

Infectious Diseases

Dr Martin Stacy Advanced Immunology
Professor Eileen Ingham Tissue Engineering
Professor David Westhead High-throughput Technologies
Dr John Heritage Detection, Treatment and Prevention of Infection
Dr Glenn McConkey Host-Parasite Interactions
Dr Stefan Kepinski Plant Biotechnology
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