Faculty of Biological Sciences

Diamond Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory


Diamond Light Source building Diamond Light Source Ltd, Oxfordshire, UK.


Synchrotron radiation

  • to allow measurement of the highest possible resolution data
  • collect data from crystals too small to study by other methods (microfocus beamlines)
  • use of anomalous dispersion effects for phase determination (e.g. multiwavelength anomalous dispersion method, MAD)


Beamlines at Diamond Light Source Ltd

Link to Diamond beamline webpage: http://www.diamond.ac.uk/Home/Beamlines.html

Note: Beamline I04-1 wavelength cannot be change.

Below are the details for our allocated trips. Please consult with Chi (Facility Manager) at least two weeks in advance of any of the trips if you like to attend or send crystals as a service.

Allocation Period 22 October 2017 to March 2018


Trip Date Beamline No. of shifts Start time Beamline scientist
MX15378-12 Monday10 October 2017 I04-1 3 10am-9am Alice Douangamath
MX15378-13 Wednesday 25 October 2017 I24 1 10am-5pm Danny Axford
MX15378-14 Thursday 7 December 2017 I03 2 5pm-9am

Neil Paterson

MX15378-15 Wednesday 17 January 2018 I04 2 5pm-9am TBC
MX15378-16 Friday 2 February 2018 I24 2 5pm-9am TBC
MX15378-17 Wednesday 14 February 2018 I03 2 5pm-9am TBC
MX15378-18 Monday 11 Ocotber 2017 I03 2 5pm-9am Patrick Collins


ESRF trips   January to March 2018


Trip Date Beamline No. of shifts Start time Beamline scientist
MX1828 Monday 29 January 2018 ID30A-3 3 8.30am-7am Andrew McCarthy
MX1828 Monday 26 February 2018 Id23-1 3 8:30am - 7am

Alexander Popov