Growth Incubators

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The PPF has a number of incubators for growth of bacteria, insect and mammalian cells.

ThermoScientific MaxQ8000 incubators


The PPF has 6 MaxQ8000 incuabators arranged in two stacks of three. Three incuabators are for the growth of E. coli cells and three are for the growth of insect cells. Each incubator can take a variety of bottles, plates and flasks up to a maximum of twelve 2L erlenmeyer flasks each, for a total growth capacity of 36L of both E. coli and insect cells.






ThermoScientific MaxQ6000 incubators










ThermoScientific Heratherm General Protocol Incubators


InFors Minitron HT Shaking CO2 Incubators










ThermoScientific VIOS CO2 Incubators