In vivo subharmonic imaging with drug-loaded microbubbles and the Vevo770 ultrasound imaging system

  1. NPL calibrated needle hydrophone for characterisation of the pre-clinical ultrasound system.
  2. Production of ultrasound contrast agent with therapeutic payloads, such as Irinotecan.
  3. Fundamental and Subharmonic imaging of ultrasound contrast agents (microbubbles).

1. Acoustic Characterisation of Ultrasound System

Acoustic characterisation 1 Acoustic characterisation 2
Fundamental mode 1 Subharmonic mode 1
Fundamental mode 2 Subharmonic mode 2
Fundamental Mode Submarmonic Mode

2. In-house Manufacture of Therapeutic Microbubbles[1]

A quad-channel microfluid chip Microbubble
A quad-channel microfluid chip
Nozzle inside microfluid chip
'Nozzle' inside microfluid chip

3. Enhanced Subharmonic imaging[2]

Fundamental enhanced ultrasound Subharmonic enhanced ultrasound
Fundamental Subharmonic
Fundamental enhanced chart Subharmonic enhanced chart
Fundamental Subharmonic

[1] Peyman et al Expanding 3D geometry for enhanced on-chip microbubble production and single step formation of liposome modified microbubbles. Lab on a Chip 2012 12;21, pp. 4544-4552.

[2] McLaughlan et al High-frequency subharmonic imaging of liposome-loaded microbubbles. IEEE IUS 2013. pp. 1501-1504.