In vivo fluorescence imaging using the IVIS Spectrum

  • 3 different agents to image
    • Nanoparticles (injected agents)
    • Cancer associated fibroblasts (transfected cells)
    • Gene therapy vector (viral vectors)
  • 3 different tumour models
  • Longitudinal imaging

1. Nanoparticles for colorectal cancer imaging

Nanoparticles for colorectal cancer imaging

Tiernan et al in press Nanomedicine 2015

2. Effect of mir26B Knockdown in CAFs on Tumour Growth – co-imaging luciferase and eGFP

MCF-7 (luciferase positive) Fibroblasts (GFP positive)
MCF-7 (luciferase positive) Fibroblasts (GFP positive)

Verghese et al The Journal of Pathology 2013; 231 pp 388-399.

3. Evaluating a Novel Gene Therapy Vector In Vivo

Fibroblasts Gene therapy chart

Ingram et al BMC Med Imaging. 2013;13:35