Research Applications

The MS Facility is well-equiped with a range of instrumentation. As well as six mass spectrometers we have two UPLC systems, an HDX module and an excimer laser. Research carried out in the Facility focusses on the use of Ion Mobility Spectrometry-Mass Spectrometry as well as chemical foot printing approaches to probe the three dimensional structure of proteins and their complexes.

Ion mobility mass spectrometry
photochemical oxidation
hydrogen deuterium exchange
cross linking

The MS Facility can also offer a method development service for non-routine analyses. Please see the research applications page. For more information contact us directly at

In the coming months the Facility is preparing to offer the chemical foot printing approaches (FPOP, HDX and cross linking) to users outside of the mass spectrometry research groups. The Facility will provide training in sample preparation, labelling methods, and data analysis to enable you to apply these approaches to your research area. If you are interested in using one of these techniques as part of your reserach, please get in touch with the Facility to register your interest by sending an email to with a brief summary of which techniques you are interested in and the system you are interested in studying.