Conditions of service

Samples that are submitted to the service for routine analyses such as molecular weight determination or protein identification may not require co-authorship on any subsequent publication.  However, we would be grateful for acknowledgement of the “University of Leeds Mass Spectrometry Facility”.

Work carried out by the facility that requires extensive method development time, de novo peptide sequencing, in depth data analysis, or which requires critical input and substantial intellectual contribution that contributes greatly to a piece of research that is subsequently published in the literature requires co-authorship of the person who carried out the work.  Acknowledgment of the financial sources that contributed to the purchase of the equipment is also required.

Agreement as to whether or not a piece of work requires co-authorship should be discussed prior to any work being carried out, however the open-ended nature of most research projects may mean that discussions take place after some work has already been performed. Submission of samples to the facility indicates agreement with these terms.

Please also read the ABRF Recommended Guidlines for Authorship on Manuscripts.

Please note: we are happy to provide high quality figures of mass spectra for theses and for publication but unfortunately we are unable to provide raw datafiles.