Welcome to the Histology Facility within the Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Leeds. 

The core aim for this facility is to provide histological support to research groups, both within the Faculty and beyond.

We have a dedicated histology laboratory for processing and production of histological specimens using paraffin, frozen and other methods, plus basic staining setups eg H&E.
Adjoining this laboratory is an imaging room with a suite of microscopes, both standard, phase, dark field and fluorescent, with accompanying digital image capture systems. These microscopes can be used to verify immunofluorescent staining quality prior to confocal imaging.

The facility is at present located on Level 5 (room 5.19) of the L.C.Miall building, soon to be moved to a new location on Level 5 (room 5.11) of the Manton building, adjacent to bio-imaging.