Research Facilities Guidelines

Dear facility users,

Help our facility managers to help you.

Our facility access charges represent a collaborative contribution towards the cost of running the facility. They do not make facility use a commercial relationship. The normal approaches to deciding co-authorship of manuscripts should apply. Facility managers will often have helped design experiments, collected data, analysed and interpreted results or suggested solutions to problems, representing a significant contribution. They won’t expect authorship where an acknowledgment for a small or routine contribution is appropriate.

If you’re writing a grant application, they can contribute some text or suggest an appropriate amount of facility access time to include. You might include a contribution to their salary (say 5%, ~2hrs per week) if you’re new to a set of techniques and could use their advice. Alternatively, you could buy more of their time and expertise for them to do some experiments, complementing the larger part of your project. Please discuss your plans with them.

Please also ask our facility managers how you should acknowledge the support we have received for our facilities from research councils, the Wellcome Trust and charities.

Thank you. Good luck with your research.

Professor David Westhead
Head of School, School of Molecular and Cellular Biology.

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