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Oregon State University

Queen Mary, University of London Flow Cytometry Facility

Compensation An informal perspective on fluorochrome bleed through between detectors.

This page from University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center contains useful information relating to the use of propidium iodide in cell cycle analysis, subG1 apoptosis analysis and live/dead assays.

Papers and books

Flowbook-wiki Wiki version of Flow Cytometry - A Basic Introduction (Michael G Ormerod) - An excellent resource for flow cytometry applications.

Data Interpretation: Nature Immunology (2006) PDF

Practical Flow Cytometry (Howard Shapiro) - free download from Beckman Coulter resources

Flow cytometry forum

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Commercial links

BD Biosciences Online training: Introduction to Flow Cytometry and BD Spectrum Viewer

Coulter Flow (Beckman Coulter)

An excellent resource for a number of topics relating to flow cytometry. Includes a free downloadable copy of Shapiro's 'Practical Flow Cytometry'in PDF format, a must for all flow cytometrists!

Partec Flow

Probes-Invitrogen tutorial

Invitrogen Applications Page - Flow Cytometry

Biolegends (excellent commercial flow resourse site)