Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Facility

Welcome to the Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Facility within the Faculty of Biological Sciences of the University of Leeds.

FACS flow cytometry Leeds sorting

Flow cytometry (or FACS) is a technology that allows the rapid measurement of fluorescently labelled samples and common applications include cell cycle, ploidy analysis, proliferation, apoptosis, immunophenotyping, live/dead assays and expression analysis. This technology can also be used to separate out individual cells to either improve transfection efficiencies or create stable cell lines.

The facility is located on Level 5 (5.13) of the L.C.Miall building. Please follow the links on the left hand side to find out more about the facility, the equipment available and how it can help your research.

Upcoming course

In conjunction with InCytometry (www.incytometry.co.uk) the facility will be re-running the one day course on the Basics of Flow Cytometry during this semester. Please e-mail the facility manager if you are interested, bioimaging-facs@leeds.ac.uk. Numbers are very limited, and there will be a small charge for attending.

Please note this course is not currently scheduled, and will be organised once there is enough interest.

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