HPLC sample analysis and purification

Our Dionex HPLC systems are useful for reverse phase HPLC, using organic solvents with e.g. C18 columns. The detectors can monitor up to five individual wavelengths in the UV and visible regions. In addition, diode array detection allows collection of absorbance spectra throughout the run. One machine also has a fluorescence detector. Fractions can be collected of peaks of interest for further analysis.

Two other machines have PEEK tubing and are therefore useful for more “biochemical” applications where chloride salts would corrode steel tubing, e.g. ion exchange chromatography. One machine has UV/Vis and fluorescence detection, while the other has electrochemical detection for detection of sugars and amino acids without chemical modification.

We have some HPLC columns you can borrow to see if HPLC might work for your experiment.

An autosampler lets you set up a sequence of samples to be analysed automatically in turn.

Here are some of the types of molecules which have been analysed in our lab;

  • Proteins and peptides
  • Sugars and oligosaccharides
  • RNA oligonucleotides
  • Low molecular weight compounds, e.g. antibiotics.
  • Lipids.
  • Amino acids

About high-performance liquid chromatography (pdf)