Instant Structured Illumination Microscopy (iSIM)


  • Instant, two-colour, structured illumination fluorescence microscopy with ~150 nm resolution
  • Real time viewing of fluorescence images, fixed or live cells.
  • Compatible with all standard fluorophores
  • Video capture at frame rates up to and beyond 100 frames per second (fps) for live cells
  • Z-stack and/or time lapse imaging capabilities


  • 488
  • 561


  • Oil immersion 60x objective, NA 1.49 (Apo)
  • Silicon 60x objective, NA 1.30 (UPlanSApo)
  • Water 60x objective, NA 1.20 (UPlanSApo)


  • Miall 5.15, Faculty of Biological Sciences


Dr Alistair Curd
0113 34 37208

For further information about using the microscope, training and applications - please contact Alistair

Please note this microscope is currently free to use whilst it is still in development.

Some examples of images and videos taken on our iSIM so far...

GFP-EB1 (green) and Mitochondria (red, Mitotracker) in COS-7 cells. (single x-y plane 40 frames, 0.2 s per frame, bleach corrected) Scale bar 10 µm.

A microbubble covered with red and green fluorescent droplets. Scale bar 2µm.



Curd AP, Cleasby AJ, Makowska KA, York AG, Shroff H, Peckham M. (2015) Construction of an instant structured illumination microscope. Methods

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