Zeiss LSM880 Upright confocal with Airyscan


We have recently taken delivery of a new Zeiss LSM880 upright microscope to replace our LSM510 META.

For enquiries or training on the new LSM880 Upright with Airyscan microscope, e-mail the Facility Manager

All existing users of the Bioimaging facility will be able to continue using the LSM700 for all their microscopy needs. Only users trained on LSM880 machines will be able to use the new microscopes, so please contact the Facility Manager if you require training.


  • Improved resolution in x, y and z, higher sensitivity and increased speed
  • 1.7x higher resolution in all three dimensions with Airyscan, compared to conventional confocal microscopy
  • Sensitive GaAsp detectors allow you to use less laser power, performing gentle imaging of your samples
  • Fastest speed of any linear scanning confocal with scans up to 13 fps


  • Maill 5.08


  • See Charges page (internal link only)


  • Axio Imager.Z2


  • Diode 405 nm
  • Argon 458, 488, 514 nm
  • DPSS 561 nm
  • HeNe 633 nm

PMTs and Emission Filters

  • 2 PMTs plus additional GaAsp detector with fully 'tunable' emmision collection
  • Airyscan module for 1.7x increased resolution with the following emission filters:
    • BP420-480 + BP495-550
    • BP420-480 + BP495-620
    • BP420-480 + LP605
    • BP465-505 + LP525
    • BP495-550 + LP570
    • BP570-620 + LP645